Compositing for VFX – 2D Cleanup

A 2D cleanup is the process of removing an object from the original plate and making a clean patch which is sticked on the 2D tracked original backplate. A typical cleanup involves using 2D tracker node to track the desired area, then freezing the frame using FrameHold (preferably a frame where the desired object covers most of its screen space) RotoPaint for clean patch creation, transform for any transformations and other filters (grade nodes, edge blur etc.) for better integration. My 2D cleanup used two patches, so I used a Dissolve node to interpolate between them. After the patch is sticking, it is re-distorted using a Lens Distortion node, re-grained and reformatted to the same resolution as the original plate.

2D Cleanup node graph

My 2D track was not sticking properly on the first attempt, so I had to tweak it manually using curve editor and additional transform nodes. After that, I was satisfied with the result.

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