This blog post is about the CG rebuild process in Nuke. All the rendered elements with respective AOVs were used to rebuild the final beauty pass. Below are images of all the AOVs displayed using the LayerContactSheet node inside Nuke. I added some additional passes as opposed to the final render from VX5001 – 3D for Visual effects, namely Cryptomatte passes and a Deep pass. I also turned off global motion vectors for camera motion blur, as this feature was not working as expected.

Nuke Layer Contact Sheet node – Track openEXR render pass
Nuke Layer Contact Sheet node – Train openEXR render pass

These node graphs depict the setup for both train and the track rebuild. To avoid having to use holdout mattes, I rendered my passes in deepEXR from Arnold, which made the difficult compositing a bit simpler and helped me to add more specific effects into my composition.

Deep Merge graph

This graph shows the compositing process using deep – the CG rebuild outputs are piped in to DeepRecolor nodes, which recolor the deep data into whatever the input is.

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