A 3D asset is required as a submission for this module – CR6001. It is to be modelled, textured, lit and rendered along with turntables and other objects to support the submitted asset.

Large-scale scenes and environments and the process of creating them has always caught my attention. For this module, I decided to make a 3D environment – a version of O’Neill cylinder, with houses and trees onboard.

This module is taught on Escape Studios, under the direction of Jonathan McFall and Mark Spevick.

Module Proposal

My proposal for this module was to create a fully computer-generated environment – a set of four rings making the cylinder mentioned above.

A wide shot of the cylinder proposal
A wide angle shot of the proposed cylinder with a human pose to compare size
Another shot of the cylinder. Notice the dark dot near the first ring’s further wall – it is the same size as the plane in the image above.

The idea behind this concept – and any other O’Neill cylinders – is to serve as a settlement ship. It would provide spin gravity similar to that on earth. In my concept, the two pairs would separate along the way where habitable worlds have been discovered. They would then burn towards two solar systems in a pair, later separating once more. This way, the four stack would be able to settle on four different worlds.

Job specs research

As a part of this module, I researched into certain job specifications and disciplines my project would cover. I came to conclusion that 3D Generalist and 3D environment roles would best suit the proposal.

Similar works

Works similar to my proposed project include the generation ship from Interstellar, Nauvoo / Medina station from The Expanse and Elysium‘s Elysium.

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