I am using Arnold for Houdini with ACES to render the scene. Lighting for the final render is an IBL HDR lighting, a directional light to represent a star, and a few thousand Arnold mesh lights. The mesh lights were used to imitate sunlight inside the ring, and to create light inside the elevator shaft windows.

Mesh lights
Fake day light from Mesh Lights
Starfield IBL Ligting
Mesh lights from elevator shafts
Houdini camera flipbook

The camera move was created using WylieCam using my phone gaffer-taped to a handheld rig.


Most of the shaders were tileable textures from Megascans, interpolated using grunge maps and tiled onto the surfaces either by using UVs I created in Maya, or by using triplanar projection.

Arnold shader for the ground plane

For the houses and trees, I recreated the shaders in Houdini and re-applied them using Python.

Although the final slap-comp I created has some issues (e.g. fireflies), I am satisfied with the result I achieved during this module.

Final slapcomp

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