Compositing for VFX – 3D Cleanup

A 3D cleanup is different from a classic 2D cleanup. In 3D, we use match-moved camera to stick clean patches onto the original plate. A typical 3D cleanup involves a 3D camera (I used my 3DEqualizer match-moved camera from VX5001), then freezing the position using FrameHold, RotoPaint as in 2D. After this, the clean patch […]

Compositing for VFX – 2D Cleanup

A 2D cleanup is the process of removing an object from the original plate and making a clean patch which is sticked on the 2D tracked original backplate. A typical cleanup involves using 2D tracker node to track the desired area, then freezing the frame using FrameHold (preferably a frame where the desired object covers […]

Compositing for VFX – CG Rebuild

This blog post is about the CG rebuild process in Nuke. All the rendered elements with respective AOVs were used to rebuild the final beauty pass. Below are images of all the AOVs displayed using the LayerContactSheet node inside Nuke. I added some additional passes as opposed to the final render from VX5001 – 3D […]

Compositing for VFX – Introduction

In this module, we picked up the rendered elements from 3D for Visual Effects. This includes all render passes, footage and match-moved 3D camera data from 3DEqualizer. The entire module was structured for us to revise skills learned in the first year and then learn a substantial amount of new techniques and industry-standard workflows. Our […]