3D Specialism – Look Development and Rendering

I am using Arnold for Houdini with ACES to render the scene. Lighting for the final render is an IBL HDR lighting, a directional light to represent a star, and a few thousand Arnold mesh lights. The mesh lights were used to imitate sunlight inside the ring, and to create light inside the elevator shaft […]

3D Specialism – Instancing

In total, the scene I sent to the render farm consisted of approximately 215000 objects. Most of these were instances of houses, trees, the glass roof, windows and other models. I used SideFX Houdini to lay out the points, and then copied the instances to them. Glass roof The glass roof was the setting stone […]

3D Specialism – Modelling the ring

The shape of the ring is a simple cylinder with three cut-outs, allowing for radial symmetry. These cut-outs serve as a place for a drive module which propels the ships when in space. These modules are fully modular – able to manoeuvre and orient themselves to suit any configuration. The outer part of the ring […]

3D Specialism – Introduction

A 3D asset is required as a submission for this module – CR6001. It is to be modelled, textured, lit and rendered along with turntables and other objects to support the submitted asset. Large-scale scenes and environments and the process of creating them has always caught my attention. For this module, I decided to make […]